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Global Warming Deserves the Cold Shoulder

Simply because the IPCC is, and has been, tainted beyond the pale.

Don Surber has the meat of the matter exposing the IPCC for what it is, straight from a tell all book “The Delinquent Teenager Who Was Mistaken for the World’s Top Climate Expert,” an expose of the 2007 IPCC report.

Finally. The dogs are loose. Read it. You won’t be surprised, but it will be a confirmation.


Reminiscent of Classic WKRP Episode

Turkeys don’t fly.

But Romney changed his mind about global warming, er, climate change. We don’t cause it. Whatever.

“They’re dropping to the ground like sacks of wet cement. One went through a windshield of a parked car!”

Video at the link. You never saw this on WKRP.

Watt A Load

Or, as I see it – what a load. According to Elisabeth Rosenthal of the NYT, she would have us be lumped in as energy hogs. the likes of which come to mind is Al Gore.

Really Liz? Is this all you have? Shouldn’t you ask Hollywood, Blockbuster, Netflix and everyone else what they think if we all got rid of our high tech toys that feeds them our discretionary funds?

You really want to send those companies down the tubes? I’d love to hear their reaction to your sanctimonious article.

Green, huh? But not the green of money.

Tell me, Liz. How much energy does your house waste while you are at work?
Do you have digital thermostat that scales back consumption while you are not there? I do. Do you turn lights off in rooms you aren’t in? I do. Do you run your dishwasher and/or laundry in the evening? I do.

Odds are, my monthly utility bill is far less than yours.

Now, with all those figures you put forth about how many KWhours are consumed by just ONE electrical appliance in the home across the country, why don’t you do the same for just lighting? Or, just air conditioning? Or, just dishwashers? Or, just clothes washers/dryers? You know, something with motors? I’d bet you will pale when you see those numbers.

Very Bad Policy

And I would say idiotic in addition to being acknowledged, finally, to being THE reason our government’s agencies do a poor job of managing our country’s needs.

Pitiful, just pitiful. Get rid of this agency or fix it to be economical for itself AND the rest of us. The debt clock is ticking waaaaay too fast.

EPA Says It’s ‘Prohibited’ From Considering Costs When Issuing Air-Quality Regulations

Gone Too Far

Who knew the EPA could apply retroactive regulations?

How’s that Hope and Change helping you now?

The POTUS Is Restless

Which explains a lot and why he cannot seem to focus.

(Found this in a comment in a post on Don Surbers blog. Unfortunately, can’t determine the original commenter for proper attribution.)

UPDATEx2: Idiocy Knows No Bounds

DHS Head Jammit Napolitano now claims a burning need to battle climate change as a security issue.

Who told her to jump out of the frying pan? Or, into it? What does temperature have to do with Homeland Security?
I mean, other than raising the heat under our collars????

Hint: Try collaring the bad guys and illegal aliens, Jammit.

UPDATE: What a load of crapola. I call BULL.

UPDATEx2: Apparently, Jammit just doesn’t get it. Her job that is. Here’s why – the family of slain Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry slammed DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano during the funeral of their son who was murdered while protecting the Arizona border, Tuesday evening Dec. 14, 2010. And Jammit’s response? Utterly despicable.

Congress Job Disapproval At 83 Percent

Which means, their approval rating is at 13 percent.

This is according to the most recent Gallup poll published today.
What’s more, since October, the approval rating for Democrats went from 38 to 16 percent.
Down by half.

Merry Christmas, dolts. We now have the worst Congress on record, so far.
And the year isn’t even over yet.

Resignation Reinforces GW Scam

GW = Global Warming.

Professor Emeritus Hal Lewis Resigns from American Physical Society

His letter is posted here. Remember, follow the money.

And another point from Watt’s Up With That?

Unfortunately, some just didn’t read the memo. Let’s hope they will, but don’t hold your breath.

Smokin Joe

No, not the boxer.

The nimrod from Delaware. (That’s a figure of speech, there, Veep.)

Gonna strangle who are you?

Not only should the budget be balanced, you should be making it SMALLER!!!!!!!