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UPDATEx2: Gibson Guitar Raided By DOJ

Via GatewayPundit:

“The Federal Department of Justice in Washington, D.C. has suggested that the use of wood from India that is not finished by Indian workers is illegal, not because of U.S. law, but because it is the Justice Department’s interpretation of a law in India. (If the same wood from the same tree was finished by Indian workers, the material would be legal.) This action was taken without the support and consent of the government in India.”

UPDATE: Gibson CEO gives press statemeent. Apparently, the DOJ also confiscated $500K of materials from Gibson back in 2009 and the CEO wants it back.

And then there’s this news item also.

Michelle Malkin posted on this as well. Quite a few worthwhile links in her article that are also must reads.

And the CEO is interviewed by Dana Loesch. This is an inteesting interview (audio only).

Even Glenn Reynolds (Instapundit) hits on it a small bit.

UPDATEx2: Seems Gibson’s CEO is a Republican supporter and a competitor (Martin), as a Democrat supporter who also uses the same wood, hasn’t been touched by the DOJ. How about that.

DOJ files lawsuits against Arizona & other states for passing ‘self-defense’ laws the same as Article 4, Section 4 in the U.S. Constitution.

Why is it our DOJ is more interested in protecting workers in another country (that didn’t ask for help) rather than protecting the lives and sovereign properties of our own citizens from Mexican crime cartels?

This needs an answer. Seriously.


UPDATE: Faster And More Furious

There is now evidence that the Obama Administration was looking for anecdotal cases to support their regulations on long gun multiple sales.

h/t GatewayPundit
House Committee Passes Amendment to Defund Illegal Obama Firearm Sales Reporting Requirement.
The Amendment was passed by a vote of 25-16.
The Rehberg Amendment, which was strongly supported by NRA, will defund the Justice Department’s controversial and illegal move requiring federally licensed firearms retailers in states bordering Mexico to report multiple sales of semi-automatic rifles.
Yesterday – Obama Administration Approves Illegal Multiple Sales Reporting Requirement

While the Rehberg Amendment is a critically important first step, it is imperative that you contact your U.S. Senators and ask them to cosponsor and support S. 570. You can find contact information for your elected officials by using the “Write Your Representatives” tool at www.NRAILA.org, or you can call your U.S. senators at (202) 224-3121. S. 570 currently has 29 cosponsors. To see if your senators are cosponsors, please click here.

This alert is posted at: www.nraila.org/Legislation/Read.aspx?ID=6989
UPDATE: Witness Tampering??????

Our Founding Constitution In Danger

This is not new news, but this article might have some new bits of information within.

For those that have watched Glenn Beck, the progressives are pushing to alter the Constitution to incorporate a Second Bill of Rights. These are not the unalienable, nature’s God given rights – but ones “determined” by people (notice I am not even saying ‘government’ at this point). This is dangerous beyond imagination. For rights determined by man, can be later taken away, by man. And that, rings the death knell.

It is vital they be named.

Cass Sunstein, Lisa Brown, Eric Holder – all (and likely far more) operate within the Soros-funded American Constitution Society. Ring a bell?

If progressives manage to bring this about, it will be the beginning of the end.

For they know not what they do.

Stand up and be counted. Never give up, never give in. Remember November 2012. Now, more than ever.

POTUS Gives Exec Order Instituting DREAM Act

He doesn’t need Congress, he can do it himself. He did it.

That’s called being a ruler, a tyrant, a dictator. When is he going to be reigned in?

When is Congress going to step up and do their job upholding the U.S. Constitution? (Yeah, I know. Wishful thinking.)

Trouble is, Congress fails to realize that this President is setting the stage for future Presidents to do exactly the same thing. So why do we need Congress anymore, hhmmm?

For that matter, when do we stop using the term – President, and replace it with something else?

Executive Orders need to be abolished. Departmental policy letters need to follow the Constitution and not create new circumstances.

Bill To Freeze POTUS Power To Grant Amnesty

Go for it, Rep. Lamar Smith (R-Texas).

He said that under the new guidelines ICE agents could defer the deportations of “millions of deportable illegal and criminal immigrants.”

“The Obama administration cannot continue to pick and choose which laws it will enforce,” said Smith in a statement. “It is outrageous that they have put illegal immigrants and their liberal political base ahead of the American people.”

The Bad Guys Keep Coming

In spite of what is claimed by the administration, the Border is much more dangerous than it ever has been.

AZ SB1070 Thwarted

Parts of that illegal immigration law – by the 9th Circuit Appeals Court. Imagine my surprise.
At least now this issue just may step up into the realm for SCOTUS involvement.

And ABC News seems to agree. However, an excerpt:

A central provision of the law requires police officers to ask for immigration papers if they have a reasonable suspicion that the person they have stopped, detained or arrested is in the country illegally.

Sounds suspiciously just like the 287G program that County Sheriffs enter into withe I.C.E.

So it sounds to me that Arizona has replicated that program to be workable for the state.

I fail to see a problem here, that is, other than the blatant poliitics on the part of DOJ.

They’re Here

No, I am not reminiscing about the movie, Poltergeist.

This is, in fact, a reference to an article talking about a DOJ Memo that confirms terrorists have crossed the Mexican border into our country.

How about that. Now what do you have to say about this, Ms. Napolitano and Mr. Holder? Pony up now.

UPDATEx2: How Stupid Is This?

Apparently, Jammit Incompetano doesn’t know much of what is going on at our southern border what with all those bean bags flying around, or the American rifles being used by Mexican criminals (from DOJ) to shoot back at our agents.

In fact, judge for yourself when she suggests some bipartisan visits to that southern border (video in the link above).

How did she become Governor then DHS head in the first place?

As if I didn’t know.

UPDATE: Apparently, Mexico now wants an explanation about those guns that were smuggled into their country while under ATF’s watch/guidance. Now how about that.

UPDATEx2: An agent speaks out.

This Is BS

The old grey lady just cannot stop calling Arizona “angry”.

HHhhm, well – if I were the Governor and the federal government wasn’t doing its job to protect the border from incursions that are killing my residents – I’d be angry also. And, tell me, in trying to make changes that may minimize, reduce, eliminate future problems – how is this wrong when you have to solve problems??