POTUS Gives Exec Order Instituting DREAM Act

He doesn’t need Congress, he can do it himself. He did it.

That’s called being a ruler, a tyrant, a dictator. When is he going to be reigned in?

When is Congress going to step up and do their job upholding the U.S. Constitution? (Yeah, I know. Wishful thinking.)

Trouble is, Congress fails to realize that this President is setting the stage for future Presidents to do exactly the same thing. So why do we need Congress anymore, hhmmm?

For that matter, when do we stop using the term – President, and replace it with something else?

Executive Orders need to be abolished. Departmental policy letters need to follow the Constitution and not create new circumstances.


2 responses to “POTUS Gives Exec Order Instituting DREAM Act

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  2. That is so that Congress can ALL say we didn’t do that ……..the POTUS did, and they think that they are off the hook. In reality it clearly demonstrates their cowardly weakness,and the fact that they SANCTION his action.

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