Watt A Load

Or, as I see it – what a load. According to Elisabeth Rosenthal of the NYT, she would have us be lumped in as energy hogs. the likes of which come to mind is Al Gore.

Really Liz? Is this all you have? Shouldn’t you ask Hollywood, Blockbuster, Netflix and everyone else what they think if we all got rid of our high tech toys that feeds them our discretionary funds?

You really want to send those companies down the tubes? I’d love to hear their reaction to your sanctimonious article.

Green, huh? But not the green of money.

Tell me, Liz. How much energy does your house waste while you are at work?
Do you have digital thermostat that scales back consumption while you are not there? I do. Do you turn lights off in rooms you aren’t in? I do. Do you run your dishwasher and/or laundry in the evening? I do.

Odds are, my monthly utility bill is far less than yours.

Now, with all those figures you put forth about how many KWhours are consumed by just ONE electrical appliance in the home across the country, why don’t you do the same for just lighting? Or, just air conditioning? Or, just dishwashers? Or, just clothes washers/dryers? You know, something with motors? I’d bet you will pale when you see those numbers.


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