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She Didn’t Dance in the Rain

About Elizabeth Warren, apparently she never participated in Native American events.
So sayeth:

Shelly Lowe, executive director of Harvard University’s Native American Program (HUNAP), told Breitbart News today that U.S. Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren had not, to her knowledge, participated in the program’s events while Warren was a professor at Harvard.

Read more at Big Government (by Joel Pollack).


Obama’s True Gun Control Intentions

Obama’s Chief of Staff Exposes Obama’s True Intentions for Radical Gun Control in the U.S.

No kidding. This Pres**ent and Administration, especially including Hillary Clinton, have absolutely no real regard for the ENTIRE U.S. Consitution. They pick and choose. They know the truth, but won’t admit that to the public.

They cannot be trusted.

Besides the GatewyPundit article linked above, listen/watch the video here.

Just how “rational” is Hillary when saying – when was the last time you saw a deer wearing Kevlar?

Last thought.

If the U.S. Constitution is The Law of The Land, then why should a treaty over-ride our Constitution’s Laws?

Answer that one.

This Is Not Politics

This is obstructionism at its worst.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) tried to bring up the House-passed payroll-tax bill for a vote with the intention of summarily rejecting it, but Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) objected. McConnell pushed for the Senate to first vote on an omnibus spending bill that would fund much of the federal government through 2012 and avert a shutdown after Friday night.

The two leaders ended their exchange with no immediate path forward. McConnell urged Reid to negotiate with Boehner, but Reid said “the Speaker can’t negotiate with me until this bill is killed” — referring to the payroll-tax measure.

Read the whole thing.

Foreign Influence

While Americans ar losing their homes, for a variety of economic reasons, we have U.S. Senators willing to provide foreigners the documentation necessary to purchase expensive homes here in the U.S.

Is your U.S. Senator helping you, or not? Honestly, why are our U.S. Senators pandering to non-Americans to buy our own homes that our own people are losing? Think about this retiring Democrat Representative from California and what he said about the Administration concerning the housing crisis. And ask again, are your federal reps helping? Or hurting?

And here’s another goodie, apparently an electric car company can’t find anyplace here in the U.S. to build their car(s) – even after receiving a guaranteed goverrnment loan:

With the approval of the Obama administration, an electric car company that received a $529 million federal government loan guarantee is assembling its first line of cars in Finland, saying it could not find a facility in the United States capable of doing the work.

Yet another instance of “stimulus money” (aka, our tax money) going OVERSEAS. And quite likely, right back into our politicians pockets (read the article).

Stump The Senator

By asking a pertinent question, from Chris Wallace to Diane Feinstein.

Heh, watch her squirm.

Senate Doubles Down

Get ready to double over.

A bipartisan bill targeting China’s alleged currency manipulation easily cleared the Senate Tuesday night, despite warnings from Beijing and free-trade backers that the legislation could spark a trade war and harm the global economic recovery.

Read more.

So now, in their infinite, er, wisdom, Our ever so intelligent U.S. Senate is about to fix the world economy.

/sarcasm off


He’s Full Of It

Sen. Frank Lautenberg (D-NJ) at a town hall event in New Jersey in the middle of this week let it be known that he wants to eliminate the rich.
And how wealthy is this 87 year old?
“… he is worth an estimated $50 million …”

Seventh richest D.C. Lawmaker.

Now, do you honestly think this man is telling you the truth? Think he would give up his wealth willingly? What a hypocrite.

Requesting Censorship

From a U.S. Senator who should know better, but doesn’t.
Clearly, he doesn’t know the U.S. Constitution either. You know, the one he swore to uphold when he took his oath of office? Also clearly, he doesn’t even care to understand the fullness and richness of the First Amendment.

So, with all that money behind him (where’s his wife) it appears he is stuck in D.C.

No class. No knowledge. Just John “I apologize to no one” Kerry.

Senate Doesn’t Want Reid’s Bill

Neither did I. The vote, 50 to 49. Senator Scott Brown voted with the Democrats.
Does the word, RINO, mean anything to you? Or him?
Reid voted against his own bill, so he could resurrect it later.
His bill, had it passed, would have raised the debt limit by $2.4T.

So what will he go for now?

United We Stand

What Boehner Said To The Caucus
from The Washington Post,
Jennifer Rubin

I went on “Fox News Sunday” this morning because it was the most effective way to tell everyone where things stand. It boils down to this: The president wants his $2.4 trillion debt limit increase all at once, without any guarantees that we’re going to cut more than $2.4 trillion in spending. The administration says they have to have it all upfront so we don’t have to deal with this again until after the next election. You heard the president say that himself on TV the other night.