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Revere Warned Threatened Told Truth

As did Sarah Palin. Told the truth.

So. As the Professor says, so all these people will apologise to her, right?

Read what the Professor has and you will find out a little more about Paul Revere’s history.

Nothing is ever simple, or complete. But some folks know.

America’s Energy Future

Depends on to whom you speak, or listen to.

Like – our own U.S. President Barack Obama at a town hall about clean energy while visiting Gamesa Technology Corporation in Fairless Hills, Pennsylvania, today – April 6, 2011.

Oh – there’s more – at GatewayPundit. Jim Hoft points out that the POTUS was extolling this future energy source by the company (Spanish owned) that received a bailout.

Oh, also, don’t miss that last link (here it is also) that points out a report that windmills aren’t really that helpful. Useless, I think they said. But if you really want something to watch, try this – where a windmill destroys itself and adjacent property.

Not to mention the fact that when such machinery is installed in (much too) northern latitudes – ice formation can be extremely deadly, or just keep them from spinning. In any case, expensive windmills won’t offer much in the wrong place, if at all.

Hear that, Maryland Governor O’Malley? General Assembly?


Who Has Most Energy Resources

It is us. And, as said in the Energy Tribune, it is all right beneath our feet.

So why is our Energy policy so draconian and forcing our energy bills higher than they need to be?

That is not a rhetorical question.

Lost City of Atlantis Found?

Well, that’s what this Reuters article says – “U.S.-led research team may have finally located the lost city of Atlantis.”

It will be interesting to see the results of their findings on NatGeo. Tonight, March 13th, at 9pm and Tues evening at 8pm.

UPDATED: Perpetrating Fraud Times Three

This article, published today 3/7/11, describes what I wouldn’t call “political payback” – but the father does.

Imagine yourself running for office, losing to an incumbent, making an announcement to run again – and having your three college students targeted for expulsion despite their excellent grades and attitudes.

Read it and pass this story around. Better yet, contact the college and let them know what you think of their supposed fraudulent activities in this case. (Might there be a Board of Regents to bring this matter to their attention? Hhhmm?)

UPDATE: The response from the college. And a poll/forum should anyone care to partake of them.

There are outside opinions on whether this story is true and/or accurate. Frankly, there may be no way for those of us on the outside looking in to tell 100%. There ought to be an independent investigation to determine if such students are being manipulated such as this.

But on the chance this is essentially true, it bears putting this in front of you. The rest is up to you.

And then there’s this.

UPDATE: Half a $B in Waste Fraud And Abuse

And, what’s worse about it, garnered by the POTUS and the Veep.

Confirmed: Obama administration sunk $535 million in Porkulus funds in green-energy turkey

They will never learn. How about the voters?

Update: And another outright lie. Double counting $500B for Obamacare.

Toyota Shafted

Remember those stories that a lot of Toyota cars suddenly, for no reason, suffered intense acceleration?

Well, Neil Cavuto summarizes the truth of the matter – it isn’t, and wasn’t, true. At all.

Here’s my question.

Are they going to get the money back from the government (fines)??????

FCC Running Amok

Hot Air has some focus on it. Have to say I definitely agree. Most of the FCC’s “power” certainly has to be shunted to ground.
These issues are mentioned:
• Net Neutrality – Repeal the Open Internet Order
• Media ownership rules – Pre-WW2 rules are long overdue for review
• FCC merger review authority – Modern media structure has changed dramatically since last century

Ah, but then I got this at work today.
Seems the FCC was told of clear, strong laboratory evidence of interference with the GPS signal by a proposed new broadcaster on January 19 of this year. What has the FCC done about it?

The FCC waived its own rules and granted permission for the potential interferer to broadcast its signal.
One hand knows nothing of the other. This not how it is supposed to work.

The Skin Gun An Astounding Breakthrough

For burn victims. The story at Hot Air.

If you can stomach it, watch the video. I guarantee you will be impressed.

Spread the word on this as it can help many burn victims.

Who Needs To Be Educated

About global warming, er, climate change, um – snowballs in he…….. oh, nuts.

Seems that John Holdren, cough – top science adviser to BO, thinks we don’t know anything about science. Particulalrly the life cycle of our own planetary system.

Gee, John, maybe you’ve been schooled a bit longer than some (I only have a Master’s in Engineering Sciences, does that count?) but that doesn’t mean you have all the answers.

Oh, by the way, how are you going to plug the earth’s volcanos, hhmm? And stop the methane from bubbling up from the Atlantic? Refreeze those (floating) icecaps and icebergs? (You know that ice, when it melts, takes up far less volume, right?)

Don’t treat us like fools. We’re on to the game. As for “green” energy sources, we are nowhere near break-even.