UPDATED: Perpetrating Fraud Times Three

This article, published today 3/7/11, describes what I wouldn’t call “political payback” – but the father does.

Imagine yourself running for office, losing to an incumbent, making an announcement to run again – and having your three college students targeted for expulsion despite their excellent grades and attitudes.

Read it and pass this story around. Better yet, contact the college and let them know what you think of their supposed fraudulent activities in this case. (Might there be a Board of Regents to bring this matter to their attention? Hhhmm?)

UPDATE: The response from the college. And a poll/forum should anyone care to partake of them.

There are outside opinions on whether this story is true and/or accurate. Frankly, there may be no way for those of us on the outside looking in to tell 100%. There ought to be an independent investigation to determine if such students are being manipulated such as this.

But on the chance this is essentially true, it bears putting this in front of you. The rest is up to you.

And then there’s this.


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