America’s Energy Future

Depends on to whom you speak, or listen to.

Like – our own U.S. President Barack Obama at a town hall about clean energy while visiting Gamesa Technology Corporation in Fairless Hills, Pennsylvania, today – April 6, 2011.

Oh – there’s more – at GatewayPundit. Jim Hoft points out that the POTUS was extolling this future energy source by the company (Spanish owned) that received a bailout.

Oh, also, don’t miss that last link (here it is also) that points out a report that windmills aren’t really that helpful. Useless, I think they said. But if you really want something to watch, try this – where a windmill destroys itself and adjacent property.

Not to mention the fact that when such machinery is installed in (much too) northern latitudes – ice formation can be extremely deadly, or just keep them from spinning. In any case, expensive windmills won’t offer much in the wrong place, if at all.

Hear that, Maryland Governor O’Malley? General Assembly?


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