UPDATEx4: Can of Worms = Guns Walking

Appaently, there is far more being bandied about as to why we don’t hear much from Mexico’s President Calderon on this influx of weapons from our own ATF into his country.

This might provide an answer. And it sounds like a doozie.

Anabel Hernández has made quite the charge: the Sinaloa cartel has bought the Mexican government lock, stock and Calderon. What’s more, the DEA knows about the corruption and plays ball with Calderon to catch other cartels, giving the Sinaloas a pass. Which would account for Calderon’s lack of indignation on the whole Gunwalker deal.

UPDATEx2: ATF Ignored and DOJ ignores Document Requests

UPDATEx3: Issa is threatening contempt proceedings if ATF does not comply.

UPDATEx4: Two guns sold to a Mexican cartel and used in the high-profile kidnapping and murder of a Mexican lawyer last year were purchased under the U.S. Justice Department’s failed anti-gun trafficking program Operation Fast and Furious, sources tell Fox News.

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