Who Needs To Be Educated

About global warming, er, climate change, um – snowballs in he…….. oh, nuts.

Seems that John Holdren, cough – top science adviser to BO, thinks we don’t know anything about science. Particulalrly the life cycle of our own planetary system.

Gee, John, maybe you’ve been schooled a bit longer than some (I only have a Master’s in Engineering Sciences, does that count?) but that doesn’t mean you have all the answers.

Oh, by the way, how are you going to plug the earth’s volcanos, hhmm? And stop the methane from bubbling up from the Atlantic? Refreeze those (floating) icecaps and icebergs? (You know that ice, when it melts, takes up far less volume, right?)

Don’t treat us like fools. We’re on to the game. As for “green” energy sources, we are nowhere near break-even.


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