UPDATEx2: Idiocy Knows No Bounds

DHS Head Jammit Napolitano now claims a burning need to battle climate change as a security issue.

Who told her to jump out of the frying pan? Or, into it? What does temperature have to do with Homeland Security?
I mean, other than raising the heat under our collars????

Hint: Try collaring the bad guys and illegal aliens, Jammit.

UPDATE: What a load of crapola. I call BULL.

UPDATEx2: Apparently, Jammit just doesn’t get it. Her job that is. Here’s why – the family of slain Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry slammed DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano during the funeral of their son who was murdered while protecting the Arizona border, Tuesday evening Dec. 14, 2010. And Jammit’s response? Utterly despicable.


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