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Guess what? It’s up to the state. Hear that, Maryland?

Look who else has it, and is getting it.

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — Gov. Scott Walker signed into law Wednesday a requirement that voters in Wisconsin show photo identification at the polls, marking the end of a nearly decade-long push by Republicans to enact it.

Be sure to read the comments also.

UPDATE: Apparently, the Governor of Minnesota doesn’t “get it”. Which only means the he has now REALLY ticked off the voting public.

Behind the Atlas Shrugs Movie


Bring Atlas Shrugs Pt 1 to Baltimore

Here is the movie site. Movie currently scheduled to play April 15th.

Click on the DEMAND IT button right side of web page. It will bring up another page where you enter minimal information such as gender, year of birth and zip code. (Uncheck the checked box.) Then SUBMIT.

It’s that easy.


With us, the U.S. A., free society, freedom, responsibility, free enterprise, family, humanity, equal justice, Golden Rule, love of life, happiness, U.S. Constitution, Declaration of Independence, Rule of Law, self defense, The Almighty God. In no particular order.

Sharia Law. Ain’t no way, no how.

At 100 Still Looking Good.

Happy Birthday, Ronald Reagan.

HotAirPundit has two perfect videos for this day. The first, a campaign ad. Thes second, today’s experiment by President Obama.

Kinda makes you want to turn the calendar back ……

Vote For the Ronald Reagan Centennial Float

The Rose Bowl Parade. Live at 8:00 am to 10:00 am, PST – 11:00am to 1:00pm Eastern.

Cast your vote to the People’s Choice Award today (1-1-11) by going online to vote for the Ronald Reagan Centennial Float. You can also text your vote by texting the word “VOTE” followed by the float number (VOTE52) to 50649.

Go to Carol’s Blog to see a short video that shows what the float looks like.

UPDATE: Our Security Awareness Needs Help

Why aren’t we getting it?

Apparently there are egos that are too big to get through a door, unless their feelings are hurt when flaws in such security systems are exposed.

Gee, I always am grateful when people I work with can point out things that I can improve upon or correct. It makes for a better product and helps our customers.

What’s the problem with that DHS? Can’t you help us instead of trying to herd us?

See this news article (with video) about an airline pilot, in California. He is letting us know – the flying public – what is important for all of us to know. All this pilot wants is the job to be done right, done well.

You know what? So do the rest of us.

UPDATE: I am not the only one that thinks like this, apparently.

More Idiocy

Christmas trees ‘make non-Christians feel excluded’
Christmas trees should be removed from public places to avoid making non-Christians feel “excluded”, scientists have suggested.

Un-freaking-incredible. What baloney, bull, shinola.

Change Your Home Page

My Home Page is BING now. No longer Google.
Today, December 7, is the 69th anniversary of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor (1941).
This event was the reason we, as a nation, were pulled into World War II.
BING honors this day with a beautiful page with the memorial in Pearl Harbor.
Google does nothing.

My father, may he Rest In Peace, was in the Navy during those years.
His efforts, and many others, demonstrated their ultimate love for our country and our Right To Life.

Honor our Veterans. Every day. Not just this day.

UPDATEx2: Dream Act Will Not Die

UPDATEx2: Again, Michelle Malkin brings to our attention tomorrow’s likely nightmare vote (aka, DREAM Act).
I URGE YOU TO READ THROUGH IT. Especially interesting is the ist of ‘misdemeanors’ this DREAM Act will erase.
A few:
Examples of misdemeanors in California:
(1) Assault, CPC § 240
(2) Battery, CPC § 242
(3) Domestic Violence, CPC § 273.5
(4) Criminal Threats/Harassment, CPC § 244
(5) Reckless driving, CVC § 23103
(6) Possession of Firearms, CPC § 12020

An excellent status update by Michelle Malkin.

Be sure to remember those that vote for this – and vote them out come 2011 or 2013.

UPDATE: The cost of this DREAM Act is estimated to be near $6.2B.