UPDATEx2: Dream Act Will Not Die

UPDATEx2: Again, Michelle Malkin brings to our attention tomorrow’s likely nightmare vote (aka, DREAM Act).
I URGE YOU TO READ THROUGH IT. Especially interesting is the ist of ‘misdemeanors’ this DREAM Act will erase.
A few:
Examples of misdemeanors in California:
(1) Assault, CPC § 240
(2) Battery, CPC § 242
(3) Domestic Violence, CPC § 273.5
(4) Criminal Threats/Harassment, CPC § 244
(5) Reckless driving, CVC § 23103
(6) Possession of Firearms, CPC § 12020

An excellent status update by Michelle Malkin.

Be sure to remember those that vote for this – and vote them out come 2011 or 2013.

UPDATE: The cost of this DREAM Act is estimated to be near $6.2B.


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