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Allen West Tells Liberals Where To Go

Never Forget

10 Year Anniversary of 9/11/01

I am moved deeply, after watching and listening to this beautiful speech by President George W. Bush commemorating this event of our Heroes of Flight 93.

It is the best speech I have ever heard.

Freedom and Liberty


Lunch Served In The WH By Tapper

The lunch itself was Jay Carney.

Excellent job, Jake. Wanna run for President? We could really use a guy like you.

The transcript is here. A fantastic read.

h/t Don Surber

A Sign of the Times

Let Hoffa (and the rest of the Progessive Leftists) know you won’t be intimidated.

Wear a T-Shirt pronouncing you are a:
Proud, Barbarian, SOB, Hobbit, Patriot !!!!!!

That’s what they said, right? So let’s make that real clear.

h/t GatewayPundit

This link should take you to the shirts spoken above.

Who Are The Workers?

No, really. According to Hoffa, at the Labor Day rally, it’s the union members. He says they are going to “get those SOBs.”

Well, guess what? I work for a living, too. And I’d bet good money conservatives do, too. Whether we are union members or not, is irrelevant.

A call to arms? Take who out?

It’s time to ask yourself, what version of America do you love and want for your children and theirs … and what are you prepared to do towards that end?

The Tea Party is not the enemy. Conservatism is not the enemy.

So who, exactly, is the enemy? One mnajor clue.

They lie to us.

More to the point, not all of us recognize that for what it is.

They want to control us.

I thought most of us love our independence, control of our lives, our choice in our futures/jobs/faith/love. Am I wrong? I don’t believe so. And neither does Rush Limbaugh.

Reaganomics versus Obamanomics

In their own words.

WWRD in 2012

UPDATEx2: Carney Full of Blarney

Apparently, Mr. Carney says that leadership doesn’t need to propose a plan.

Okay, so why is the White House waiting around for Congress then? They didn’t pass a budget for, what, two years now?? Is that leadership? I say, no. POTUS hasn’t offered a plan despite all his television appearances. Is that planning? If so, exactly what is he planning, hhhmmm?

There have been plans come from members of Congres in the recent budget/debt talks, sounds like some measure of leadership there, right?

I’ll let Jim Geraghty of NRO fill you in on the dialogue between Carney to Jake Tapper’s question.

It’s a doozy, and indicates Carney needs to go back to a school that teaches common sense.

UPDATE: Carney admits the WH has no plan. And then defends that position.
This would be funny if it wasn’t coming from federal officials. Yup. I’m not laughing.

UPDATEx2: Carney does it again when asked where is the President’s plan. I’d call this a circus, but how can it be when it is just one man giving these inane responses?

The Negotiator

Yeah. Riiiight.

Reagan Honored With Statue In London


With a short video of Condoleezza Rice and William Hague speaking, honoring the event and our past President – Ronald Reagan.

Wright Makes A Wrong

Great Jumpin Jehosophat, er, Jeremiah.

Come now, Pastor Wright, methinks you have that wrong. All Whites are not liars, and you are far from perfect.

I’d turn the other cheek but this can’t be allowed to go unanswered.

You need some serious help. You are poisoning the people in your audience.