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Happy New Year

On the last evening of 2011, a few miracles occurred.
But let me back up a little.

For almost one month, my oldest granddaughter was living with us.
It’s been a little rough for her and her immediate family, her mother recently gave birth to their newest daughter. They have 5 (officially) now with another youngster they are raising and hoping to adopt. We all hope for the best with that.

The difficulties of raising such a busy and full family are – shall I say – more pronounced when you have teenagers to contend with. (I finally understand this even better now as I am the oldest of 6 in my own immediate family.)

So, long story short, my oldest granddaughter moved in with us in order to give her family a chance to ease their strains and burdens for a bit. (Who am I kidding, for as long as necessary?)

Without elaborating on too much detail, suffice to say it’s today’s combination of adolescence, mental growing pains along with anguish, the internet and (grand)parents who keep saying no, not yet. I know that can get rather boring and totalitarian on the receiving end as a teenager (since I was one once – eons ago).

Last night was New Year’s Eve, your not so typical party night of all party nights. And our granddaughter wanted so much to join her friends for it. You can imagine her angst when the (grand)mothers said no.

Finally, it came down to me. What happened next even surprised me when I shut down their conversation (ahem) and talked with our granddaughter. (No specifics now.) And I explained how and why we got to this point. After all that, I told her to call her friend and invite her here to meet us and take her to the party and bring her back.

I found out later, so she told me, that her friend didn’t call her back to make these arrangements and it looked like the party plans were off.

Sometime after that, she asked me to take her to the movies. We went for a quick dinner (for her), 7:10 showing and didn’t get home until well after 10:30pm.

As I said earlier, I am quite sure a few miracles occurred last night.

I feel pretty sure this is going to be a Happy New Year. My granddaughter asked me to the movies.


UPDATE: Merry Christmas 2011

To Everyone

Celtic Woman live at the Helix Center in Dublin, Ireland performing a Christmas celebration.
Carol of the Bells.
UPDATE: New link!

(This is a repost from 2009.)

As It Should Be

And was done.

Eric Bolling Boots Atheist Off His Show

For denigrating Jesus Christ’ name.

A Sign of the Times

Let Hoffa (and the rest of the Progessive Leftists) know you won’t be intimidated.

Wear a T-Shirt pronouncing you are a:
Proud, Barbarian, SOB, Hobbit, Patriot !!!!!!

That’s what they said, right? So let’s make that real clear.

h/t GatewayPundit

This link should take you to the shirts spoken above.

Life Means Nothing To Them

And here’s proof.

UPDATE: MD Talking Gas Tax What About the Feds?

Currently, the overall discussion here in Maryland is what critical effects a ten cent state tax increase will do to our monthly budgets?

Here’s another question, what is on the mindss of the Feds? How about raising the federal tax another quarter?

And we thought only the state we live in – was going to change . . the state we live in.

UPDATE: I learned tonite (Tue, 3/22/11) that I got the wrong impression from the FOX 45 News I watched the other night. Tomorrow, Wednesday, the state legislature will be voting to pass/reject the stae gas tax increase. Call your representatives!

Merry Christmas Fine

For saving Rudolf, or a reasonable facsimile thereof – the strangers were given tickets by a DNR officer whose heart remains uncategorized.

Nice guy. But something tells me – no, no Christmas spirit here. Particularly since the episode resulted in a positive outcome.

Risky? Sure. But I, like others, wake up in the morning to face all kinds of risk for the coming day.

What the New Tax Law Does For Who

H&R Block gives an analysis as requested by The Associated Press.

h/t HotAirPundit

By the Way – An Endorsement

I haven’t done this on my blog here, or anywhere else for that matter, but before I go to saw some ZZZZZs …..

I would like to recommend that anyone who reads this and hasn’t voted yet, please consider voting for William Campbell.

He is running for State Comptroller against Franchot.

Bill is a fine Republican and former Chief Financial Officer.

I have come to know him, a bit, while on the campaign trail (up to the Primary, September 16th).

He’s a good man. We can look forward to good, honest work and representation from him.

Best of Luck, Bill.

Thinking …

I am not contemplating closing this site. I have, however, removed a couple pages since I am clearly no longer a candidate for office (at this time). I will be retitling the site soon, and likely eliminating a couple other things the donate buttons for one.

But I would like to ask if anyone has any thoughts about if you want to see this blog continue as it has been – or, should it change into something else?

I would be interested in your feedback. Please leave comments to this post for that purpose.

Thank you.