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What the New Tax Law Does For Who

H&R Block gives an analysis as requested by The Associated Press.

h/t HotAirPundit

By the Way – An Endorsement

I haven’t done this on my blog here, or anywhere else for that matter, but before I go to saw some ZZZZZs …..

I would like to recommend that anyone who reads this and hasn’t voted yet, please consider voting for William Campbell.

He is running for State Comptroller against Franchot.

Bill is a fine Republican and former Chief Financial Officer.

I have come to know him, a bit, while on the campaign trail (up to the Primary, September 16th).

He’s a good man. We can look forward to good, honest work and representation from him.

Best of Luck, Bill.

Thinking …

I am not contemplating closing this site. I have, however, removed a couple pages since I am clearly no longer a candidate for office (at this time). I will be retitling the site soon, and likely eliminating a couple other things the donate buttons for one.

But I would like to ask if anyone has any thoughts about if you want to see this blog continue as it has been – or, should it change into something else?

I would be interested in your feedback. Please leave comments to this post for that purpose.

Thank you.

Another Response To A Constituent


I don’t do form letters.

Bottom line for me is that this legislation should be totally repealed.

It asks, and sets up, way too much for every one of us, even if we do have health coverage through our employer.

I am quite sure you remember this all started over 47 million people estimated to not have any such coverage.

Then, after a lot of squabble over this including illegal aliens, that number dropped to 30 million.

But Congress decided, in their back rooms, to develop a 2,700+ page bill that would change everything for the entire country.

Just because of 10 percent of our population “needing” coverage.

Never mind the fact that, buried in that bill, was a tyrannical approach demanding that we (if we didn’t/don’t have coverage) would have to pay a fine and or serve jail time if we fail to purchase a product the federal government says we absolutely must have.

This the first time in the history of our country that the federal government placed such a demand on its entire population.

I don’t know about you, but I do not serve a King in this United States. And I will not.

Speaker Pelosi insulted our intelligence by telling us we had to pass the bill to find out what is in it.

This is not how Congress is supposed to do business.

And that – is why I am in this race. To replace a Democrat rubber stamp that serves no purpose other than to bend the will of The People to her (their) way of thinking.

I won’t stand for it any longer. I am through complaining to the television and radio.

Thank you for asking.


Daniel McAndrew

This Is It

Well, today’s the day.

No matter how this turns out (for me) I wish you to know this has been an extraordinary challenge.

I have met a lot of fine people, and many of my competitors I put in that same category. Stephens Dempsey, Neil Cohen, Corrogan Vaughn and James Rutledge, to name but a few. Perfect gentlemen. It was great fun this past year. I wish you all the best.

And to all of those that have supported me, and those who may (and have) voted for me – I thank you from the bottom of my heart. We shall see what the future brings.


Thought I’d Share This

Don’t know how anyone may consider this, but I wanted to share this short email exchange between a constituent and myself.

I decided to redact the person’s name and email address to protect her from any unwanted contact as a result of this. Hope she doesn’t mind. And since my treasurer’s name is on record, I hope he doesn’t mind that I include his comment as well.

(Read from the bottom up.)

To ‘Daniel McAndrew’
From: Jim Sollers (
Sent: Thu 8/26/10 7:22 AM
To: ‘Daniel McAndrew’ (
You know actually that is a good point to make.
You live your principals, no debt on your campaign.
You live within your means.
Very good

From: Daniel McAndrew (
Sent: Wed 8/25/10 10:32 PM
You are very kind, Lynn.

Don’t worry about the donation bit, it’s way too close to the Primary at this point anyway.

Yes, I’m not rich. My day job starts when I get up at 5:30 or 6am then home by 6pm.

That is, until I started this business of running for office.

Yes, I do know the value of a dollar and how not to over-reach.
Which is why I have stopped spending from my campaign account for the moment.
I may do a little more as my treasurer and I were discussing things at lunch today.

We shall see how the numbers look come the evening (or next day) of the primary.



P.S. I’m of Irish ancestry, actually. If that matters. Personally, I figure I am an American first. Republican last. Conservative second.

Sent: Wed 8/25/10 10:14 PM
Dear Mr. McAndrew,

Today, I received the ballot for the Maryland Primary, and was researching U.S. Senate candidates.
Upon perusing a Wiki article,,_2010 I noticed that you and Barbara Mikluski (sic) have something in common in regard to your campaign, ZERO DEBT. One major difference is that she has about $3Million and you have hardly anything to work with. It is amazing. This fact intrigued me to go to your web site, and see what your stance is on various issues we are facing today, as a country. I like what I see.

Unfortunately, I have no money to donate towards your campaign, but wanted to know that we need more people like you in politics.

McAndrew is a good Scottish name!

Best wishes for a successful run.



The Mighty El Rushbo Lives

Limbaugh responds to JournoList death wish report
By: Byron York

Read more at the Washington Examiner

Right ON! Right ON! Right ON! Right ON!