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UPDATE: No Sense With Census

Now this is just too far out there.

Ever have a census taker come to your door to ask about your neighbors?

Well, it looks like it happened in Memphis.

So when does Minority Report become reality?

UPDATE: From the New York Post, two more whistleblowing census workers. How many times can one worker be counted as new hires? Take a guess.


Census Decision Could Include Prisoner Count

Cities want them counted and included based on their original home residency.
Not where they are residing now. For years.

Remember NIMBY? Not in my back yard? Apparently the cities want to forget that approach as it pertains to census figures and redistricting. Just never mind where those prisons actually are.

How (in)convenient. And guess who made this subtle change?

UPDATE: Waste Not Our Taxpayer Dollars

Apparently, the federal government, aka Administration, didn’t get the memo.

They choose the most expensive commercial timeslot(s) to air a public service message. During the Super Bowl.To tell us how to count and fill out the Census forms.

Irresponsible. Totally. And this is only a PORTION of the $340M they intend to spend on just advertising alone for the upcoming Census. This means the total cost of the Census will be increased by $340M. What else will add to it?

By the way, aren’t the local jobs being filled for this event – part-time for the duration of the Census?

UPDATE: Want to take a poll on this ad?

Census Data

How much is too much?
In view of the growing quantity of elaborate, and very personal, questions to be present on Census forms, here is yet another danger to answering all of those unnecessary questions.

Access to your bank accounts.

According to this article, could be more likely than you would ever know.
And all the more reason to simply answer the simple need of how many people live at your residence. And only that.

Costly Counting

It’s that time of decade. The senses detect a Census.

And $340M to advertise it.

Now what does your sense tell you?