Census Decision Could Include Prisoner Count

Cities want them counted and included based on their original home residency.
Not where they are residing now. For years.

Remember NIMBY? Not in my back yard? Apparently the cities want to forget that approach as it pertains to census figures and redistricting. Just never mind where those prisons actually are.

How (in)convenient. And guess who made this subtle change?


2 responses to “Census Decision Could Include Prisoner Count

  1. Counting them where they are is the right thing, but not what will happen. Maybe they should release the prisoners a month before the census so htey can go home to be counted, then round them up after census and return them to the jails.
    Wanna bet they would get counted in Mexico, Canada or Brazil?
    Credit for them should go to the region where they are housed. Frankly, a guy from Atlanta might commit a crime in New york and be jailed in Indiana. Who gets to count him? Indiana should.

    • Hello, Jeremy.
      This raises another interesting point about illegal immigrants that have been incarcerated for crimes.

      In fact, some that are let go and not deported create havoc in more ways than one. Not just in continued criminal activity, but in their mobility. Living in one area, breaking the law in another, moving to another area. Makes me wonder how many times they would be “counted.”

      Yet another reason to deport illegals. With special attention to those caught criminals first.

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