UPDATE: MD Talking Gas Tax What About the Feds?

Currently, the overall discussion here in Maryland is what critical effects a ten cent state tax increase will do to our monthly budgets?

Here’s another question, what is on the mindss of the Feds? How about raising the federal tax another quarter?

And we thought only the state we live in – was going to change . . the state we live in.

UPDATE: I learned tonite (Tue, 3/22/11) that I got the wrong impression from the FOX 45 News I watched the other night. Tomorrow, Wednesday, the state legislature will be voting to pass/reject the stae gas tax increase. Call your representatives!


2 responses to “UPDATE: MD Talking Gas Tax What About the Feds?

  1. Beverly Babcock

    That will certainly be a lovely addition to the cost of me getting to and from work! Of course, MD and other lib states are screaming about helping the environment, so they push for cars that get better gas mileage, which means they don’t sell as much gas, so now they want to raise the tax to replace what used to come in to the coffers. And the citizens of the Peoples Republic of Maryland will continue to vote in more and more libs to keep doing this to us!

  2. According to tonight’s FOX 45 11pm news, the MD legislature will NOT be working on raising the state’s gas tax.

    Well, that’s one down.

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