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Not Even 4 More Days

Remember in November 2012

Typical War Story

This is what happened in Iraq recently.

Heck. If only.

Our Founding Constitution In Danger

This is not new news, but this article might have some new bits of information within.

For those that have watched Glenn Beck, the progressives are pushing to alter the Constitution to incorporate a Second Bill of Rights. These are not the unalienable, nature’s God given rights – but ones “determined” by people (notice I am not even saying ‘government’ at this point). This is dangerous beyond imagination. For rights determined by man, can be later taken away, by man. And that, rings the death knell.

It is vital they be named.

Cass Sunstein, Lisa Brown, Eric Holder – all (and likely far more) operate within the Soros-funded American Constitution Society. Ring a bell?

If progressives manage to bring this about, it will be the beginning of the end.

For they know not what they do.

Stand up and be counted. Never give up, never give in. Remember November 2012. Now, more than ever.

A Demonstration of an Unhinged Leftist

Apparently, this woman, Nicole Sandler, has a history of being belligerent, boistrous and uncooperative.

Here, she tries to manipulate words from a “discussion” with James O’Keefe. He did a fine job holding his ground, her not so much.

Another event at a Town Hall with Rep. Alan West shows her being arrested, handcuffed and led away by police.

She has no clue that her attitude is what gets her into trouble. A perfect exampole of how to not make friends with anyone.

I met James O’Keefe earlier this past week at an evening event. He is a perfect gentleman and very bright. I applaud his efforts and am adding his website link to my blogroll – The Project Veritas. I recommend donating to his cause.

New Logo In Town

Don't Tread On Me in 2012

FB No Like TP

Censorship, sounds like. Doesn’t matter how incremental it is accomplished.

If FaceBook chooses to implement policies that eventually restrict politics from their (his) site, then when does it stop being a social platform?

And isn’t the Tea Party exactly a social body? Yes? Bueller?

The Rights of Man

Most excellent.

Ironically Iconic

Sorry. Can’t stop laughing. This is priceless.

This couldn’t have worked out any better had they planned it.

Imagine. An abortion clinic wanting reader assistance to upload their photos to bolster their website.

Heh heh. Gotta love it. Pro-life folks absolutely filled it to overflowing.,

Dain Bramage Demonstrated

By Georgetown students.

Having Joe Schoffstall walk around with a petition to ban conservative “hate sites” like Hot Air, Instapundit, Drudge Report – to name but a few.

Students should scream for their money back for being so poorly educated indoctrinated.


At home and at the G8.

Let’s see now, here at home federal revenues will top $2 trillion this year, but federal spending will approach double that amount.

Meanwhile, Sarkozy calls for Internet regulation as it is a “moral imperative” needed to “correct the excesses and abuses that arise from the total absence of rules.”

Well now, we need this communication so we can educate each other about the elite who don’t even bother with EXISTING RULES to do the jobs they are supposed to do. Instead they want to misdirect and hide what they do from all of us.

Too late, folks, you aren’t invisible any more.