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Lunch Served In The WH By Tapper

The lunch itself was Jay Carney.

Excellent job, Jake. Wanna run for President? We could really use a guy like you.

The transcript is here. A fantastic read.

h/t Don Surber

A Sign of the Times

Let Hoffa (and the rest of the Progessive Leftists) know you won’t be intimidated.

Wear a T-Shirt pronouncing you are a:
Proud, Barbarian, SOB, Hobbit, Patriot !!!!!!

That’s what they said, right? So let’s make that real clear.

h/t GatewayPundit

This link should take you to the shirts spoken above.


Who Are The Workers?

No, really. According to Hoffa, at the Labor Day rally, it’s the union members. He says they are going to “get those SOBs.”

Well, guess what? I work for a living, too. And I’d bet good money conservatives do, too. Whether we are union members or not, is irrelevant.

A call to arms? Take who out?

It’s time to ask yourself, what version of America do you love and want for your children and theirs … and what are you prepared to do towards that end?

The Tea Party is not the enemy. Conservatism is not the enemy.

So who, exactly, is the enemy? One mnajor clue.

They lie to us.

More to the point, not all of us recognize that for what it is.

They want to control us.

I thought most of us love our independence, control of our lives, our choice in our futures/jobs/faith/love. Am I wrong? I don’t believe so. And neither does Rush Limbaugh.

UPDATE: Unpatriot Acts?

The war on civilians, aka citizens, with cameras.

Watch the video. It will explain a lot.

UPDATE: War on photographing police continues:

In its ruling, which lets Simon Glik continue his lawsuit, the US Court of Appeals for the First Circuit in Boston said the way Glik was arrested and his phone seized under a state wiretapping law violated his First and Fourth Amendment rights.

Full court opinion here and more info at his link.

Romney Answers The WH

Wow. There’s nothing quite like throwing one’s recorded words and images right back at them.

Impressive. This video response might/should (will?) go viral.

At HotAirPundit. New Romney Ad. Civility?

A must watch and spread it far and wide.

Belweather Day in WI Tuesday


For Whom Will the Bell Toll???

RECALL ELECTION 18th SENATE: Clerks expecting heavy turnout

WI Dem Party Flak Threatens Independent Reporter

I wouldn’t call it hutzpah. Is it more than intimidation? I’d say so.

Zeilinski’s email could easily be read as a threat to organize union demonstrators against Wisconsin newspapers that publish reporting provided to them by’s staff. And his vow to go after’s capitol media credentials is an obvious effort to silence a news organization with which he disagrees

“To have a party official put something in writing like that is pretty out there,” she said. “I’ve seen a lot of emotions. Politics are bubbling to the surface in a way we don’t normally see with editorial products, but this is uncharted territory.”

Read more at the Washington Examiner

Requesting Censorship

From a U.S. Senator who should know better, but doesn’t.
Clearly, he doesn’t know the U.S. Constitution either. You know, the one he swore to uphold when he took his oath of office? Also clearly, he doesn’t even care to understand the fullness and richness of the First Amendment.

So, with all that money behind him (where’s his wife) it appears he is stuck in D.C.

No class. No knowledge. Just John “I apologize to no one” Kerry.

An Uncivil Example of Civility

From this person, Froma Harrop.

What a shame, a simple distraction saves the evidence – instead of the disappearing comments from her site.

Oh well, whatever. This is what is referred to as True Colors, displayed perfectly at Hot Air.

How about this news item (with video), Froma? Is this uncivil or civil????

Overbearing Authority

Police state.

Some police, just shouldn’t be. This one in particular since he has not a care for the First Amendment.

At HotAirPundit.

And another case. This time in Nevada.