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Not Good Enough

POTUS wants to freeze discretionary spending? Really?

On just a SMALL PART of the total federal budget?

But the real question is, are the WH parties going to stop, and will “date night” be at the local McDonald’s?

Hhhmm. Updates at Hot Air on this topic.

Eliminate Programs That Don’t Work

Now where have we heard THAT before? Oh yeah, Barak Obama – BEFORE he became POTUS.

Well, how about program Head Start? $166M of our country’s taxes wasted.
Since 1965.

There’s something to switch off, eh, Mr. President? Let’s see if we can find more for you.

UPDATEx4: Would You Fly With This Man

Sounds like a serious lack of proper judgment, coming from a nominee to head the TSA.
This is the agency tasked to ensure our safety when boarding airplanes.
At least, here in the states.

And the Democrats want this union-loving, ex-LAPD officer to be in charge of our traveling security.


UPDATEx1: Some more detail than was previously given during the committee hearings. He did it himself. Twice.

UPDATEx2: What? … WHAT? That does it. This nominee should not be.

UPDATEx3: Smokescreen? Or clueless? In his own words.

UPDATEx4: Well now. Southers goes south. How about that.

A Good Neighbor

Joe Lieberman to support Scott Brown? Wow.

We Did Not You Did

Mr. President, come this Tuesday evening – you will know if this election is indeed about Obamacare.

Psst. It isn’t you know. It is about: not listening to us (the people), too many radicals in your appointments, cash for clunkers, increasing the deficit, the southward direction of the economy, rising unemployment, the transparency that isn’t, faux global warming, cap and trade, oh – and, you know what, it really is about Healthcare ALSO.

Forgive me Glenn

I have to say, heh.

I like it. A lot.

I Hear You

Senator Jim DeMint, I couldn’t agree more and I hope to join with you.

Social Security. What Social Security?

Bad News. For anyone relying on SSN. Really bad news.

And why oh why is Congress doing nothing about it?

Oh yeah, ObamaCare is more important (than Medicare, MedicAid, and SSN put together).

How’s the Hope & Change working Now ?


Blast off. Call today. Fire up your phones.

Before tonight.

Bribes R Us vote tonight.

My Promise(s) to You

Here is what I will promise to you, Maryland, right now.

I will not dishonor our Constitution.
I will not break the Law.
I will not seek to alter the Bill of Rights.
I will not be a party to fraud, waste and abuse.
I will not rush to judgement.

I will sign, and hold to, a pledge to not add new taxes.
I will work to maintain and improve transparency.
I will strive to reduce the practice of earmarking.
I will not sign vote on a Bill that is so large it cannot be read and understood within a reasonable timeframe. And I see that timeframe as no more than two days.
I will work to improve the efficiency of fiscal management and reduce waste.

If you can think of more, don’t be afraid to let me know.