UPDATEx4: Would You Fly With This Man

Sounds like a serious lack of proper judgment, coming from a nominee to head the TSA.
This is the agency tasked to ensure our safety when boarding airplanes.
At least, here in the states.

And the Democrats want this union-loving, ex-LAPD officer to be in charge of our traveling security.


UPDATEx1: Some more detail than was previously given during the committee hearings. He did it himself. Twice.

UPDATEx2: What? … WHAT? That does it. This nominee should not be.

UPDATEx3: Smokescreen? Or clueless? In his own words.

UPDATEx4: Well now. Southers goes south. How about that.


One response to “UPDATEx4: Would You Fly With This Man

  1. Beverly Babcock

    Apparently there was very good reason for Sen. DeMint to hold up his confirmation.

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