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Face This One Percenter

The Won that the 99% won’t bother with:


Truth About Electric Cars

In simplest terms, we are not ready. And here is why:

Electric cars aren’t necessarily green at all. Electric vehicles require large amounts of electricity – so much that Toronto Hydro chief Anthony Haines says he doesn’t know how he’d get it. “If you connect about 10 per cent of the homes on any given street with an electric car, the electricity system fails,” he said recently.

That is but a snippet from the article, be sure to read the whole thing.

One other thing to keep in mind, COSCTO has been removing charging stations from their parking lots (in CA) recently. They just may have saved themselves some grief.

Sorry, but like Kermit said: It isn’t easy, being green.

UPDATE: Cut the Crap and Balance

That’s it. Just do it.

UPDATE: Looks like I’m one in the 66%.

Happy New Year 2011

Best of Luck in 2011.

Be safe and well.

Why Not Abolish FCC Instead?

After all, here’s two FCC commissioners that don’t seem to understand how to do their job and stay out of our affairs.

First, Michael Copps, who last week demanded authority to enforce campaign-finance reform (the FEC’s job), also authority to order music stations to broadcast news shows, and for television networks to give up 25% of prime-time air to locally-produced shows.

Second, Mignon Clyburn has decided that free health care works so well that the government should mandate free Internet as well. Apparently she has never set foot in a library.

Videos of the twits at the link (above).

BUMPED: Ms. Boyce

Sorry, I cannot reply back to your work email. Won’t work. Appears to be blocked from external replies.

I called your desk phone late Friday afternoon and left you a message. But I thought I would go ahead and post my response to your questions here just in case you happen to read this before getting in to work this coming week.
Thank you for the opportunity, I am glad to share with you my views on your concerns.

Regarding abortion, I am against it in principle and in practice as my personal opinion.
This does not mean I wish to have women subjected to past history such as back alley operations.

While I would prefer women that carefully consider and re-consider abortion (don’t do it), they at least should have proper medical care. I can certainly see the need for immediate care to prevent conception upon instances of rape. And I am torn in cases where the health of the mother is in jeopardy. I would prefer, in such a case, to save my wife first, I believe.

Now, having said that, I do completely object to the latest round of healthcare legislation (and probably other pending bills) that insist on using tax dollars (from me and everyone else) to fund abortions.

Since this is predominantly a personal decision to have such a procedure, it should be personally paid by the one seeking this procedure. Those of us morally against it should not be forced to fund it for those who can and/or cannot pay for it.

Those who have an abortion will have to answer for it to a higher power. I have no desire to have that discussion with The Almighty.

Christianity. I am a Catholic myself. Probably not as good as I should be but I do try my best to live the Golden Rule. I do not ascribe to hate in the way that others seems to think Christians live. I try to be optimistic about anyone/everyone I relate to – sometimes it doesn’t always remain that way, but I try not to be the reason for it. Most folks I work with, and family I live with, will most likely say the same about me. (Perhaps an exception or two.)

I do not believe in preaching to people, in the sense of attempting to convince them “the errors of their ways”. Religion and faith is a deeply personal thing.

Gay marriage. I am against the stealing of the word/term “marriage” for such folks. I am also against the federal government attempting to override state’s rights (along this line and others). There are existing civil laws at state levels that deal with this. Civil unions. I believe it satisfies legal issues as well. But use of “marriage” for them? No, not officially.

I hold no ill will towards such people, in fact, I do know some personally. Perhaps more, only because this isn’t always a topic to ask about in polite company. The few I know are responsible folk – just like the rest of us.

It is the dangerous ones that are more problematic. And those are the ones we hear about on the news. These are the folks that need to be separated from polite society.

There you go, Ms. Boyce. If you want to ask anything else, you know how to reach me.

UPDATEx2: News Behind the Violence

The way I see it, Israel didn’t shoot first. And what is more interesting, to me, is who is behind this flotilla of humanitarian, peaceful (?) activists.

Go ahead. Read the following articles and especially watch the videos. See if you agree.

Video proof that radical pro-Gaza demonstrators attacked IDF when ships were boarded.

Top activists with the Gaza Flotilla Group.

Peaceful (?) leftists and pro-Hamas thugs caught beating the Israeli soldiers.

And, lastly, for perspective – Ehud Barrak: Soldiers allowed by international law to capture a ship determined to reject any orders.

UPDATE (45 minutes ago): Turkey has announced they will send another flotilla to Gaza—escorted by the Turkish Navy!

UPDATEx2: Hoax? What? Think about it though.

And then there’s this.

Four Years With Gov. Christie

At the very least.

Fantastic. Watch this video of him responding to a reporter’s question.

How To Clean Up Oil Spill

As Don Surber shows, common sense prevails.

Seditionist – For Real

And a (so called) UCLA Professor, to boot.

That’s the key, give him the boot and send him packing. A one way ticket to Mexico’s southernmost border.