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Get ready for a surprise.

Major corporations may dump health insurance, pay penalties instead

PRESS RELEASE: Arizona Bill In Maryland

Delegate Pat McDonough will be introducing a Bill in the coming 2011 General Assembly session that will replicate the Arizona immigration law here in Maryland.

It is important to understand that such legislation simply restates a federal law to the state level. This does not change or add different legal requirements that are already enumerated at the federal level. Instead, this Bill will empower enforcement within the state.

As a candidate for the U.S. Senate, I, Daniel McAndrew, applaud and endorse Delegate McDonough’s attempts to properly apply the rule of law within Maryland concerning the issue of illegal immigration.

I challenge Senator Barbara Mikulski to also endorse this Bill, which will aid Maryland in controlling spiraling costs and unemployment of our legal residents. This Bill will go a long way to return fiscal and human responsibility to Maryland.


UPDATE: Vote For New State?

According to tonight’s Glenn Beck program, Thursday’s show is going to tell us about Congress possibly voting to add Puerto Rico as the 51st state of our union.

Anyone else hear that? Anyone care to comment about that possibility and what it may mean for our country?

UPDATE: The House passed a bill in favor of statehood last night.

UPDATEx4: Criminal Element Within Illegal Immigration

Citizens of this country are being killed, Mr. President.
Speaker of the House and Senate Leader.
You haven’t been “fixing” anything about this situation. Let alone following the Constitution, especially Article 4, Section 4.

The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion; and on Application of the Legislature, or of the Executive (when the Legislature cannot be convened) against domestic Violence.

All because you seem to turn a blind eye to this significant problem.

And our economy and jobs picture suffer as well.

Yet you refuse to acknowledge the truth of the Arizona Governor’s statement and passage of the tough laws in that border state.

How dare you.

I will remember in November. Never forget that.

UPDATE: Glenn Reynolds on this issue.

UPDATEx2: And just recently an AZ Deputy shot.

UPDATEx3: Don Surber nails it – why AZ wants Illegal aliens out of their state. Be sure to read through the comments.

UPDATEx4: Coming from the “smartest” woman, Mrs. Clinton. cough, cough. She really doesn’t study up on the constitution does she? So. Just what is a state to do when the federal government will not do its job (see above, Mrs. Clinton)??

FYI And Thank You

An error was recently uncovered within the Click & Pledge donation page.
This error has been corrected to restrict contact/residence data entry to the United States.
Thank you to the person that contacted us.

Happy Easter

Another May Join In

Apparently, Governor Ehrlich is contemplating running against Barbara Mikulski.

Younger Set Waking to Healthcare Albatross

It sure does seem that way.

Let’s hope more become educated about that.