Why Not Abolish FCC Instead?

After all, here’s two FCC commissioners that don’t seem to understand how to do their job and stay out of our affairs.

First, Michael Copps, who last week demanded authority to enforce campaign-finance reform (the FEC’s job), also authority to order music stations to broadcast news shows, and for television networks to give up 25% of prime-time air to locally-produced shows.

Second, Mignon Clyburn has decided that free health care works so well that the government should mandate free Internet as well. Apparently she has never set foot in a library.

Videos of the twits at the link (above).


One response to “Why Not Abolish FCC Instead?

  1. With all the ambiguous laws made by ignorant and greedy lawmakers, I propose to defund and disband the FCC for the safety and freedom of the American People. The FCC is going too far. The people are getting tired of the government prying into their lives and dictating to them how to live.

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