Truth About Electric Cars

In simplest terms, we are not ready. And here is why:

Electric cars aren’t necessarily green at all. Electric vehicles require large amounts of electricity – so much that Toronto Hydro chief Anthony Haines says he doesn’t know how he’d get it. “If you connect about 10 per cent of the homes on any given street with an electric car, the electricity system fails,” he said recently.

That is but a snippet from the article, be sure to read the whole thing.

One other thing to keep in mind, COSCTO has been removing charging stations from their parking lots (in CA) recently. They just may have saved themselves some grief.

Sorry, but like Kermit said: It isn’t easy, being green.


2 responses to “Truth About Electric Cars

  1. Kermits cute, but honestly, life is hard, its harder when you’re stupid is a better quote. Green ideas that cost rather then save are not green.
    We have a curbside recycling company here. Everything is sorted and goes in special compartments on the truck. When they get to the waste station, the paper and plastics go with the trash. They only recycle cans, and some glass.

  2. Can’t argue with that. We should come up with a different “color” for situations such as this.

    I suggest – red – as in, costing instead of saving.

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