UPDATEx2: News Behind the Violence

The way I see it, Israel didn’t shoot first. And what is more interesting, to me, is who is behind this flotilla of humanitarian, peaceful (?) activists.

Go ahead. Read the following articles and especially watch the videos. See if you agree.

Video proof that radical pro-Gaza demonstrators attacked IDF when ships were boarded.

Top activists with the Gaza Flotilla Group.

Peaceful (?) leftists and pro-Hamas thugs caught beating the Israeli soldiers.

And, lastly, for perspective – Ehud Barrak: Soldiers allowed by international law to capture a ship determined to reject any orders.

UPDATE (45 minutes ago): Turkey has announced they will send another flotilla to Gaza—escorted by the Turkish Navy!

UPDATEx2: Hoax? What? Think about it though.

And then there’s this.


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