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Welcome to the Party, Pals

25 State Legislators switched party affiliations to GOP.

via HotAirPundit

Like They Have Someplace Else They Can Go

Very funny, FAA.

What are you going to tell them? They can’t come down?

Thank You

Well, it was quite a roller coaster ride.

But it appears it wasn’t meant to be, in my case, at this time.

We shall see what the future brings.

I hope that, come the General Election Day, we get the person(s) that will do what we need to have done. And that is to put our country back on the solid ground we need rather than the spending spree that has been taking place.

To all who have been kind enough to vote for me, thank you from the bottom of my heart. It was deeply appreciated.

Have a Good Day.


Happy New Year

Best of Luck in 2010.

Here’s a start.

UPDATE: Good Morning. It is now 01/01/10. (Looks like machine language. To those familiar with computer programming, that is.)

Bel Air BBQ

It was a pleasure meeting a lot of fine folks at the BBQ contest in Bel Air this Saturday, Aug 15th. My Sister-in-Law and her husband were surprised to find out I was there and working … well, wonders never cease.

I hope everyone had a fine time, enough food and drink (and didn’t get sunburned in the attempt).

I know I did.