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SCOTUS Chicago And The 2nd Amendment

Without my interjecting (yet), the best read I have seen so far concerning the case is put forth by The Volokh Conspiracy.

There are three posts there. See what you think at one, two and three.

Apparently, we will be waiting until around the June timeframe before we get to find out SCOTUS’ ruling on this.

I hope this works out for all of us in favor of cities and states following the Constitution and not their own poor judgments.

Oh, and Doctor Zero has a nice, appropriate, well written article on the Right to Keep and Bear Arms. I like his style and I certainly agree with him.


Bel Air BBQ

It was a pleasure meeting a lot of fine folks at the BBQ contest in Bel Air this Saturday, Aug 15th. My Sister-in-Law and her husband were surprised to find out I was there and working … well, wonders never cease.

I hope everyone had a fine time, enough food and drink (and didn’t get sunburned in the attempt).

I know I did.