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Obamacare Support Now At 34%

Support for President Obama’s health care reform law has reached an all time low, in part because of Democrats’ diminished faith that the law will improve their lives, a new poll by the Kaiser Family Foundation finds.

Only 34 percent of Americans now support Obamacare, a 16-point drop from an all-time high of 50 percent in July 2010. A small majority of Americans, 51 percent, now say they oppose the law.

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D.C. HoneyBadgers

Thanks to Hot Air, I don’t know whether to laugh, or cry.

You find out, you let me know.

UPDATE: Green Nuclear Power

No, it is not a joke. And today is not April 1st.

Thorium can be the next (would have been the first) nuclear power source that DOES NOT produce over thousands of years of toxic waste. It can practically eliminate the risks of meltdown (with a new reactor design). And, we have around 175,000 tons of thorium in the U.S.

This was being explored in the 1950’s, but uranium was chosen instead for its nastier toxic byproducts.

We want more electrical energy. Independence. Reduce coal usage?

Here it may be. We just need the will to progress in this direction.

UPDATE: Apparently, I was caught up in the heat of the moment. I should have read a little more. My thanks to the commenter.

Deficits 25% Higher

Over the weekend, this story was released. Anybody notice?

Fixed a Hole

A reader pointed out that I missed a topic. He was absolutely correct.

Thanks to him, I have added my thoughts for an Energy Plan to my Current Issues page.