$1.1T Spending Bill Oinking Its Way to the Floor

Tomorrow. Wednesday. The Ides of December.

This is the funding for the monstrosity known as Obamacare. It is ladeen with Pork, aka earmarks (as I heard on the Sean Hannity raadio show this day around 4 to 5pm). I agree with Don Surber’s post about Boehner’s call to the POTUS to veto it.

Crank up the phone lines, folks, this is the flip the Congress is giving us for Christmas because of our rising interest and activism in our Republic Government.

It is no coincidence that this is coming on the heels of Federal Judge Henry Hudson’s ruling about individuals having to purchase insurance (when the Commerce Clause in the US Constitution does not, and never did, claim regulating commerce extends beyond the state level).

Congress wants to send us a message? Well, pick up the phone and send them one also.

Other sites on this issue:
Michelle Malkin, Hot Air, Gateway Pundit

Hot Air shows an update that indicates the earmark count is now near 6,500 earmarks in all totaling $8.3 billion in all, at least.
When the POTUS first bragged about Congress passing the Healthcare (Obamacare) bill, he expressed happiness that they “included no earmarks.” Okay, POTUS, now is the time to express your dissatisfaction by breaking out the veto pen from its mothball status.

From Michelle Malkin’s article:
One commenter, who picked a page at random (877), found that the bill has designated $350 million to create a new “San Francisco Bay Restoration Program.” Others have noted that $413,000 have been appropriated for peanut research in the deep South and nearly $250,000 for virus free wine grapes in Washington State…

Remember this?


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