EXXON Fighting Oil Killers

Here. In the Gulf of Mexico. Our own regulators killed EXXON’s attempt to drill in the largest oil field of over a billion gallons discovered in 2007.
h/t Hot Air.

Per Investors Business Daily:

The Exxon discovery is the biggest in a decade. If put into operation, its billion barrels will be enough to make a dent in America’s oil dependency on foreign tyrants. If that isn’t a sufficient national security reason, what is?

Not to mention our thousands of jobs lost in the Gulf Coast area and beyond, revenues to the government funds lost, economic devastation, more funds lost to overseas oil companies, our oil rigs lost to other countries, etc., etc. etc.

Now what was that quote by candidate Barak Obama? Oh, yeah:
“Under my plan, electrical energy costs would necessarily skyrocket.”

Apparently, it isn’t just coal that provides energy, now is it?


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