And We Thought The Fuel Cost Was Bad

Now, the POTUS wants higher fuel efficiency on bigger, diesel, delivery trucks.

Guess how long that would take, how many drivers will no longer afford the newer trucks, how much higher delivery costs will be (fewer trucks), how much higher food prices and dry goods costs there will be?

And we thought it was rough now. You haven’t seen anything yet.

Just like what Jazz Shaw said in his Hot Air article, “didn’t the president just stand up at a battery factory someplace and tell us that his renewed focus was not only on jobs but on repairing the tanking national economy?”

This is but one recent example demonstrating that whatever the POTUS says one day, is cancelled out by his actions the next. Or made even worse.

You remember that Caterpillar (heavy equipment) manufacturer that BO spoke and delivered stimulus money to, yes? You know they finally closed up shop, right?

Oh yeah, the hands of AllState he hasn’t got.


One response to “And We Thought The Fuel Cost Was Bad

  1. hotshot bald cop

    I just said that a few days ago!!!

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