Poisoning Our Kids To Control Us

Can you say – exploitation? Van Jones’ organization, while not using that word, is doing exactly that.

Remember Van Jones? He’s the one czar that had to leave the White House Administration. Not because he is an admitted Communist, but as a 9/11 Truther that has been called out by Glenn Beck numerous times. And now Van Jones is using kids to try to change our country. Well, he has been – not just now.

The thing is, the kids in the videos (following this link) don’t truly understand the whole of what they are saying. They aren’t yet mature enough to get the full impact of the crafted message scripted for them. But you probably are.

Messages such as – remove the cap on the social security tax – we gotta stop letting corporations be recognized as people. We’re the people, they’re not! – clearly communistic, socialistic. Doesn’t Van Jones know that the “cap” on social security witholdings has been shifted upwards for years ? Who does he think he is kidding?

Do you really want to be influenced like this? By Van Jones and people like him?

I do not.


One response to “Poisoning Our Kids To Control Us

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