Yeah, Allahpundit hits a nerve (or more), I expect.

I think everyone should wake up and pay very close attention to the dealings up to and likely within the SCOTUS concerning any and all references/relationships of recent appointee Ms. Kagan with the Obamacare legislation.

Is her reputation at stake?

Ahem, as much as our own financial future? (Oh, forget all those waivers. Even the recent one where Nevada itself won’t have to worry about complying with Obamacare. If, that is, it isn’t terminated.)

You know, all those – waivers – are supposed to be relieving thosee that can’t afford Obamacare’s conscription.

Hmm. Anybody remember why all this started? Seems to me there was something about 47M, then 30M, people that couldn’t or wouldn’t pay for health insurance.

What are the waivers for again?


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