UPDATEx9: Totally Irresponsible

For the POTUS to encourage the mindless activities by the unions in Madison, Wisconsin is absolutely and totally irresponsible for his official position.

Additionally, those Wisconsin legislature Democrats that ran and hid just demonstrated how immature they are by refusing to work.

Speaking of work, are these “teachers” that called out “sick” at home in bed? If not, they better not be paid for their “time off”.
And the affected students, where are they and what are they learning?
These aren’t snow days. Are they going to be made up? With no extra pay?

If I were a parent in Wisconsin, I could melt five miles of snow by the heat from my forehead. If there was any snow.

Let’s not forget the union leaders, who have “led” the members (aka, brainwashed) to this very precarious position.

UPDATE: Pelosi proud of Wisconsin Democrats leaving the state. She probably doesn’t care about Wisconsin’s misconduct in office statute either.

UPDATEx2: Oh, and possibly medical fraud to “support” the “sick” teacher walkout so they can NOT stay home (in bed). Instead, they walk into and around the state capital. As Michelle Malkin points this out, and has a photo describing the “come get a doctor’s note.” Reprehensible.

The missing Democrats are now on milk cartons.

UPDATEx3: About those doctor notes. Seems this should tell you something about how wrong this is on so many levels.

UPDATEx4: Additional video, although I doubt its worth myself.

UPDATEx5: Andrew Breitbart of Big Government, gets his doctor’s note. Excellent video. Walker pneumonia indeed.

UPDATEx6: So now it looks like riot police are ordered to clear out the protesters from the Capital building by 2am.

UPDATEx7: Far Left Loon issues death threat to Governor Walker.

UPDATEx8: I’d bet good money that, yeah, public trust is out the window. UW Health intends to find out. Let’s hope so.

UPDATEx9: BO’s Administration lies about being involved with the protests. Well, color me suspicious – not.


2 responses to “UPDATEx9: Totally Irresponsible

  1. You are surprised by his support of these activities??? :~)

  2. Actually, the point is that this no longer ‘fits’ the supposed civil disobedience aspect, or the ‘freedom of speech or freedom to assemble’ claims that arre bandied about at this time.

    This is all about accepting the fact that our economy is in serious trouble, and not many want to accept that fact.

    Even the POTUS, who says one thing but does another, is not setting a good example for others to follow – other than to take, take, take, mine, mine, mine.

    Hardly what I call acceptable. And that is what I find deplorable, not just in the POTUS’ actions but everyone else I point to in my post above.

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