Governmental Error

But not being responsible and taking the blame for it. Can you imagine that?

Here’s the gist of it: The combined forces of the DOJ and DHS intended to shut down ten (10) websites due to charges of child pornography. Trouble was, instead of just ten (10) sites to deal with, 84,000 (less 10) sites were accidentally labelled with a banner notice identifying those sites as trafficking in child porn.

I’d say that’s more thaan a bit much. Excessive, in fact. Sounds like charging innocents with false accusations. Libelous maybe?

To make things worse, yesterday the DOJ and DHS make a joint announcement on how good a job they are doing on project “Operation Protect Our Children”. That’s just marvelous, isn’t it?

So where’s the apology? Where’s the do no harm on this massive, over-reaching, tens of thousands of small businesses affected by some stupid error on their part?

Gee, for something so simple and expansive, one would think a joint effort between DOJ and DHS could actually, you know, patrol and seal our southern border with Mexico what say?

Talk about a massive screw up.


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