Bass Ackwards

I have never heard of a union creating jobs, have you?

Historically, unions came about to protect the rights of employees – of companies that were made by the businessmen that had the vision to devise and sell products.

Has a union ever done that? (And I am not referring to a company that was literally handed over to a union, cough – GM, by our, cough – administration.)

Well, look who’s in discussion about creating jobs.

Obama & Labor Unions.

Somebody isn’t learning. Or even listening.


4 responses to “Bass Ackwards

  1. Yeah, shame on unions for ending the practices that got a factory full of pre-adolescent kids burned to death to save “the man” a couple of bucks. The people who actually do the jobs shouldn’t be at the table discussing, well, jobs…

  2. You misunderstand.
    The point is, and always was, that the creation of companies and jobs go in that order.
    Someone who has an idea to start a business, that may need employees from the start or later, is the one (or more) that actually brings about employment of others.

    Unions are collectives of employees – after the fact. They have jobs. They didn’t create them.

    For those that get/have the education, they eventually can leave to repeat this process. And that is always the process.

    Your response is a bit short-sighted.

  3. You obviously need to study the union movement at the end of 19th Century in more detail. Having read much of it, I can assure you that the union movement thousands of worker lives as well as the lives of their families from the abuses of owners. Even multi-millionaire coal magnet Andrew Carnegie, after seeing the conditions in which his employees worked, changed his corporate policies and pay…and even advocated for higher taxes on wealth. JD Rockefeller indoctrinated his children with the saying, “To those who have be given so much, so much is owed.”

    Meanwhile, Commodore Vanderbilt’s family threw week long diamond studded parties for their closest hundreds of friends at the exact same time that Vanderbilt’s railroad line caused the death and dismembership of thousands of his workers as a result of a complete lack of safety regulations and paid the workers so poor;y the workers and their families lived in cold water flats. And if that wasn’t enough, western farmers were squeezed by badly by the railroads and their Congressional stooges that many lost their farms.

    It’s said that history is written by the winners. during the last decade or two, history indeed has been rewritten in favor of the corporate winners. However, older books tell a different tale of the labor movement in the U.S.

    It would be well worth your while to read of few of these older books to see the other side of the story you’ve been told.

  4. Actually, I have. I come from a strong union family.
    We believe in ensuring the rights of workers.

    But, again, I stress – the issue being discussed here is job creation, not employee abuse. I thought I made that clear.

    Thank you for stopping by.