Or is it hubris?

POTUS says he is opposed to extending the Bush tax cuts. That he opposes any compromise that would benefit the rich.

Who is the rich? At what monetary point is someone “rich”?

Let’s tick this off, okay?

$800B stimulus, Healthcare, Finance reform, another $50B (shh, it really IS a stimulus plan), creation of new govt agencies (ala Healthcare), creation of new govt jobs, needing 16,000 more IRS agents to monitor/enforce Healthcare rules and fines, spending us into a near $2T deficit in less than 2 years … unemployment near 10% nationally … let’s not forget that $113B that illegal aliens cost our economy nationally … (where is there any new, sustaining private enterprise jobs in all this? Wasn’t in Cash for Clunkers.)

Who is going to be “rich” when all this kicks in (tax cuts expiring and new taxes cuts away from your take home pay)? Is there going to be any small businesses left that can operate at all?

We used to be a nation where it was Liberty and Justice For All.

Now, the elite says it is Liberty For Just Us.

Feel happy that you are soon going to be paying your fair share? Spreading the wealth?

You know that feeling you are having right now?

Keep it. For next 9/14/10 and hold onto it until 11/2/10.

Be sure of your vote and who you intend to vote for. It is all we have left.


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