UPDATE: Healthcare Coverage Uncovered

Imagine that.

According to Jim Hoft at GatewayPundit, a majority of Americans will lose their company sponsored health plans within 3 years.

Well, not so much by Jim Hoft he just posted the news this afternoon, try Investors via Doug Ross.

How’s that Hope and Change going there? Ready to vote this coming September? (Here in Maryland, that’s the Primary 09/14/10 – you want this unfunded then repealed? Consider voting for me. Sorry, usually I am not so upfront with that approach but this isn’t about one or a couple running for office. This is about saving our country, dammit.)

UPDATE: Now this little tidbit that is stuck inside the Healthcare legislation. How’s this for taxing by alchemy?
h/t Don Surber (my sofa is off limits to everyone)


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