President Obvious

He doesn’t know anything about AG Coakley’s opponent (but we do, it’s State Sen. Scott Brown, R-MA) but that doesn’t stop him from rambling on.

And Democrats want him to keep helping their campaigns?

Sheesh. ll I can say is – keep on doing so.

6 responses to “President Obvious

  1. Sen. Scott Brown, R-MA, if he wins this election, and stops this health care fiasco, will also have to convince me the Republican Party ‘gets it’ this time around.

    • Well, that is part of the ongoing problem, isn’t it? And I agree.
      It is difficult enough to ascertain the truth behind anyone running for elected office (sheesh, listen to me say that one!!).
      But that is exactly what has to happen.
      Action following the promises. And not any action, but those that affirm the promises.
      Trouble is, who cares about that when another person says the words they want to hear first?

  2. People are beginning to care like they never cared before.
    Our politicians are now dealing with the 60’s generation. We know how to organize to get our voices heard. We know today is the tomorrow we worried about yesterday. We are educated and involved and WILL hold those who we vote for accountable this time around.

  3. That’s my assessment as well.
    My question: For how long?
    To sustain our country’s prominence into the future, we should not allow apathy to return.

  4. For how long? As long as it takes. When one has hit rock bottom, one has no where else to go but up.
    Far be it for me to predict the future, but what is happening is not a fluke. It is real.

    • Absolutely this is not a fluke.
      And the MSM is trying to tell the public that it is.

      More surprises are coming for MSM and everyone else.

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