Solar Poker

And naturally, and succinctly, Hot Air has an excellent summary as well as additional meat (er, links) to tell us about Solyndra’s grant, um, winnings.

You know, I’ve mentioned it before – to others and elsewhere – that this administration headed by Obama, has what I call the Un-Midas Touch. Damned if I’d gamble with these folks.

How many times has the White House handed over lots of our tax money to companies that later failed? Anybody keeping track?

Well, there’s the Caterpillar company, wasn’t that first? But now, with the current one – meaning Solyndra – here we have the FBI investigating the company & the home of its CEO. We hear rumblings how the CEO is such a good contributor to the Obama campaign.

But, oh wait, then why would the FBI raid Gibson and take product – when THAT CEO wasn’t a contributor (yet Gibson’s competition is)????

Perspective, I guess. Not sure I care for 1600’s view on legalities, though. Especially when the prior administration shelved the notion of giving to Solyndra. Yet Obama and company decided not to follow that road correctly.


Remember November 2012.


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