UPDATE: In-State Tuition Hijinks By SBE and Casa de MD

Word is that the State Board of Elections has allowed Casa de Maryland to take originals of petitions with signatures to copy them at Kinko’s.

And when organizers, to get this to referendum, ask to be present at Kinko’s – they are told no. By the State Board of Elections.

Now isn’t that just special and smacks of ill will towards everyone working according to the rules of obtaining voter signatures.

A 45 News article and video.

And we are now getting word that volunteers are being chased off of taxpayer paid, government/public property by police and MVA employees and even CASA de MD protesters. If you have a Facebook account, go to it and start reading.

History in the making.

It also sounds it is way past time for a complete regime change here in The Old Line State.

Eyes Over Arizona has a little more on this topic.

If you can help towards convincing the State Board of Elections to change their minds, here’s how:

Please email (over this weekend) Linda Lamone and Mary Wagner of the SBE, expressing your concerns about them handing over official documents to Casa de Maryland. Follow the email up with phone calls first thing Monday morning. We must flood their office, inboxes, and phone lines.

Phone: 410-269-2840 or 800-222-8683

Email: info@elections.state.md.us


Address: 151 West Street, suite 200, Annapolis

If you can drive down there and protest in person, please do so. We must demand that they conduct a proper handling of this PIA request by CASA. The chain of custody of the petition forms must not be violated.

They are handing over the only official, original copy of the petition forms to the opponent of the petition effort, while denying the petition sponsor the right to be present while CASA makes photocopies.

We need to spread the word: pass on to your email contact lists, blog about it, call in to radio shows about it, make online comment posts to articles about it, make posts on Facebook about it. ALL HANDS ON DECK!

UPDATE: And more from Hassan Giordano. Also, Ann Miller’s Examiner page.


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