UPDATEx8: Epic Failure

I was hoping I would outlast the Weiner-gate monotony. Guess not.

After reading this Hot Air article and watching the last CNN video (over 9 minutes of distraction), I can’t hold back anymore.

If the elected representative was honest about having his internet Twitter account hacked by someone else, there would be no reason to NOT have proper authorities investigate, find and prosecute the criminal. At the end of that last video, it was said there is still no notification, from him or his office, to authorities to investigate the Government’s internet security breach of a national elected official of Congress.

This elected representative, as he points out this topic is now into its third day, cannot and will not answer simple questions that would settle this.

If he were my representative, I could not in good faith vote for him.

I cannot trust him. How many others trust him to do right?

It’s up to his constituents, looks like.

CNN? You are wasting your time with him.

UPDATE: It appears someone has experimental evidence that gets Weiner off the hook. I’ll let you figure that out as you wish. But I still have some misgivings considering everything so far. We shall see.

UPDATEx2: Yeah, Publius voices the same concerns I have.

UPDATEx3: This just gets better and better. Apparently, Jim Hoft at GatewayPundit also says more of the same AND that Cannonfire is wrong.

UPDATEx4: Uh oh. He’s in real trouble now.

UPDATEx5: Apparently, Weiner’s office called the Capitol Police on a reporter who was never asked to leave the office yet was not in the office when the reporter was approached by the police.

Glad he’s not my Congressman.

UPDATEx6: With a head of DNC like this, I would think Weiner would tell her he doesn’t need her help. Ditz.

UPDATEx7: Oh, how about a little trip by way of the time machine to see what little Debbie had to say back in 2006. And there’s a bit more history on Weiner.

UPDATEx8: Today (6/6/11) Weiner held a press conference between 4 and 5pm declaring his apology and admitting lying to everyone. Yet, unwilling to resign his office. An office his constituents put him in because of their unwavering trust in him.

How’s his trustworthiness now? How about his morality, his ethics? Still think he deserves to keep that job?

I do not.


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