UPDATEx9: Wisconsin Voting Irregularities

This just gets better and better. Practically a dead heat between Prosser and Kloppenburg.
And now a story there are 500 to 600 ballots found that might give Prosser the majority.

Investigations are underway,I am sure. Yeah.

And more on this from Hot Air.

The “I Stand With Walker” Facebook page.

Pundit Press has some very interesting items.

A request from Mark Belling who is a local radio host.

10,000 more votes than the County Exec gets??

UPDATE: An explanation, of sorts. Could be an honest mistake perhaps.

UPDATEx2: It’s official, Prosser won.

UPDATEx3: The loser demands a recount. Sure. Does she know math at all?
Oh, those protests in Madison? Cost those taxpayers millions of their taxes to the state.

UPDATEx4: Day 2 of Recount. Lots of interesting reading here.

UPDATEx5: Day 3 of Recounting.

UPDATEx6: Day 5 of Recounting. About where it should be.

UPDATEx7: Day 9 of recounting.

UPDATEx8: Day 13 of recounting. Since I have been an election judge, I note the instance here mentioned about allowing the recount to include an absentee ballot that should not have been (since it was not completed correctly and completely according to the form’s instructions).

UPDATEx9: It’s done. The recount completed yesterday (Friday) afternoon. Judge Prosser still won by over a 7,000 vote margin. Now. Send Kloppenburg the bill.


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