No Longer Ours

Deepwater rigs moved out of the Gulf of Mexico

(Adds Pride rig moving to Mediterranean)
Jan 27 (Reuters) – Some of the 30-plus deepwater rigs that were in the Gulf of Mexico have moved to other markets, first because of a U.S. halt called last May after BP Plc’s well blowout, and then because of the lack of permits once the moratorium was lifted.

See the jobs go. See the oil go. See unemployment rise. Is it any wonder costs for everything will rise?

And we remain dependent on others to export oil to us. Even moreso.
Sorry, grandkids, this is no longer the America it used to be.

Thank the President and the 111th Congress for this mess. They are the ones who foisted this on you.
Let no one tell you otherwise, for that will be a lie.


One response to “No Longer Ours

  1. And aren’t we “giving-lending” money to others (Brazil comes to mind) so THEY can drill for oil to help their own economy? I realize that Congress has a lot on their hands dealing with Zippycare, but they need to do something so we can drill on our own land, and in our own seas to help us get off of foreign oil. With the mess going on in Egypt, who knows what will happen.

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