UPDATEx3: Freedom to Communicate At Risk?

Otherwise referred to as “Net Neutrality.” Tell me, what is wrong with the internet now?
I mean, other than those areas that one could restrict (if you felt necesssary AND if you would purchase software to protect your kids from) ………

Well, tomorrow the FCC will attempt to regulate the internet. I suspect they didn’t care to read the letter from the U.S. Senate.

UPDATE: Here’s how the FCC decision to implement this “net neutrality” may cost us. Yeah, this definitely needs to be challenged in court. This administration’s goal is clearly intended to drain us of most, if not all, of our discretionary income.

UPDATEx2: Another look at additional problems with this forthcoming regulation and its side-effects by the Washington Post.
Here’s one paragraph that explains the intrusiveness:

Discouragingly, the FCC is intervening to regulate the Internet because it wants to, not because it needs to. Preserving the openness and freedom of the Internet is non-negotiable; it is a bedrock principle shared by all in the Internet economy. No government action is necessary to preserve it. Acting only on speculative concerns about network operators and contrary to a decade of industry practice, the FCC is moving forward aggressively without real evidence of systemic competitive harms to cure, markets to fix or consumers to help.

UPDATEx3: Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) explained on Hannity and her website how the FCC Internet Grab will be put right by the incoming GOP.
It can’t happen soon enough. What’s more, she did an excellent job in explaining the consequences of the FCC’s actions.

And an opinion at the Denver Post:


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