UPDATEx2: What The Dickens Is Wrong With This Guy?

I refer to Al Not-so-Sharpton. A supposed preacher from what I have heard.

Apparently he has a major beef about Rush Limbaugh and wants him off the air so bad that he, and whoever follows him, wants to harangue the FCC until he gets his way.

Well. So much for turning the other cheek or forgiving someone for they know not what they do. (Psst, Al, are you Christian? At all?)

If thine ear offend thee, Al, turn off the radio. Over the top? It’s radio. Not a crowded movie theater and Mr. Limbaugh isn’t shouting FIRE.

UPDATE: HOTAIRPUNDIT has a video (somewhat old) but it underscores the hypocrisy of the reverend. Pity. He can’t escape this one. Nope.

UPDATEx2: Again? Or, still? Sheesh, Al. Learn something already.


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