Total And Complete Disregard

For our Sovereignty, our Constitution, our people and our Country.

That’s what our Administration, Dept. of Justice and 9th Circuit of Appeals Court have for us. They are going to allow 11 other countries to weigh in, complain, question the constitutionality of the Arizona SB1070 state law.

Never mind Mexico’s southern border fence ….

And how is it outside countries have any legal standing whatsoever concerning a law passed within a state of our country? How is it that military persons do not have standing to question and file charges yet outside countries do?????

Here, listen to this exchange on FOXNews.


Oh, and by the way, those federal judges in the 9th Circuit Appeals Court? They don’t have lifetime jobs for acting AGAINST our Sovereignty. This isn’t what is referred to as GOOD BEHAVIOR. (Read the Constitution. Article 3, Section 1.)


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